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Time to feel a bit lighter?


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Meet Penny Nesbitt

“…There are many reasons why people take up counselling and coaching.”


Counselling, unlike coaching, is more of a talk therapy, focused on listening deeply as you manage difficult life events, challenges and problems. It might include helping you to clarify issues, explore options or develop strategies or, just listening with compassion and empathy. For some people, just the process of telling their story and being really listened to, proves very helpful. Common issues people seek counselling for include:

Grief and loss  –  Communication and relationships issues
Work and career issues stress  –  Anxiety and depression
Separation, divorce  –  Self-esteem difficulties


Whatever your goal is for coaching – career, life, a sense of purpose – the place I always start is with using evidence based tools, drawing on science to help clarify those sometimes elusive things like your values, your key strengths and the kinds of mindsets or beliefs that may be holding you back.

And coaching, unlike counselling tends to mean me asking lots of questions to get you thinking, and often working on goal-related tasks in between sessions.

Group Sessions

There may not be bean bags but there will be a group of like-minded people keen to spend a chunk of time doing a bit of a deep dive on themselves, perhaps on getting unstuck, or learning about things like brain science basics; tools, tips and techniques for emotional, physical and mental wellbeing; meeting experts in areas like nutrition, naturopathy, art therapy, yoga and more.


Support via coaching and personal insights has been remarkable for me this year with Penny. While working from home during Covid19, it was helpful gaining assistance to deal effectively with the impact of that experience, however beyond that she helped me reflect on my key needs, strengths and values to enhance my personal insights for self-direction and career management. Every session working with Penny was positive, enjoyable and inspiring – she listened and observed deeply, readily interpreting my energy levels, and her ideas and reflections were eye-opening! I recommend Penny to people of all kinds – diversity and inclusion makes her tick – her knowledge, empathy and experience will enable her to work effectively with you.

Melissa McColough, Consultant Organisational Psychologist

Penny has a finely tuned sense about the way people think and behave, offering practical and innovative ways to bring out their best. Whether working with individuals, leaders, functional teams or front-line employees, Penny facilitates conversations and learning sessions that help people thrive and drive businesses forward.

Sharon Cartwright, Strategic Communication Consultant

It’s hard to put into words, the magic that Penny weaves, but I’ll try. There are few people on the planet that possess such a detailed, theoretical approach to their work, along with an utter respect and longing to truly nurture and grow others. Penny’s warmth and genuine passion to support people to live their best life is astounding. My coaching sessions with Penny have been completely life changing on the deepest level, and I am forever grateful for the value it has brought to my professional, personal, family and community goals.

Jo Van Dyke, Business Owner and Masters Student

I’ve known Penny Nesbitt for the last two decades, having worked with her and as a client of hers. Penny is a master practitioner of helping people and organisations get the best out of human beings. And she’s a hugely engaging, funny and inspirational person herself.

Peter Barnes, Chief Learning Innovator, LearnFast



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